A more ambitious project

During my journey in this Fab Academy, i have often working with Daniele Ingrassia: Daniele is a smart guy, extremely well versed in programming and very ambitious. The project of Daniele (ambitious like him) provides a fairly high amount of work and, as suggested both by Neil during revisions that Massimo (our local instructor), to facilitate the realization could be a good idea to share it with someone.

I immediately proposed as partners for his project, since I have always enjoyed working with Daniele and because I find the Daniele's project complex and ambitious and a great way to test myself and what I have learned during my path in this Fab Academy.

The coupling between the drone and digital fabrication is something that is constantly changing and widely treated and developed, even in previous years of the Fab Academy.

Our final project, not pointing in particular to the realization of a drone, but the development of a drone equipped with an artificial intelligence that allows to develop two characteristics that are the real goal of the project:

This is the Daniele's Concept page, where he explains the goals we want to reach